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Awesome Sauce

An excellent little video demonstrating user experience at it’s best.

Heck I love me some Halloween. <3

The Evolution of Controllers. <3

If Portal was to be turned into a live action film this is definately how to do it!

Tron Duck Tape. Excellent little Tron parody featuring… you’ve guessed it, Duck Tape. Watch, enjoy, except for the fat guy in the Tron suit, maybe just ignore that part… o.0

Lego and Portal. Portal and Lego. Be still my beating heart. 

mmmm I love me some Okami. 


Okami. Page from the Okami Art Book.

This totally appeals to my inner chip bit and Game Of Thrones geek! Love it!


beautiful information

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When I was 3 or 4 I decided to undo the buttons on my bedspread get inside it and then do them up again. I fell asleep like this. I can remember waking up and screaming the house down because I couldn’t find the buttons to get back out again. 

I was lying on them. >.<  

Game mock mark 2. 

BuZzKill - is a tilt based game utilising the Android accelerometer. Guide the bees to safety of the green honeycomb chambers. Avoid the brown pits or you’ll seriously lose your buzz.

So sounds like twitter is going get a lot more visual soon. 

So does this mean I can afford an ipad? No, sadly not. But a really interesting infographic from Gumtree all the same.

Oh man. I really want this camera. 


Geek Meditation Session

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